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Several students and postdocs are giving posters and talks at the American Geophysical Union 2020 Fall Meeting – all virtual of course. Marshall Worsham is presenting a poster Dec 7 (An Enhanced Remote Sensing Method for Agent Attribution of Forest Disturbance); Julia Longmate is giving a talk Dec 8 (Biases in temperature and precipitation over the CONUS in ensembles of the historical model simulations of CMIP6); Polly Buotte is giving a talk Dec 9 (Controls on conifer coexistence in a vegetation demographic model); James Dennedy-Frank is giving two talks Dec 10 (Investigating watershed-scale hydrologic connections and sources with dynamic-flux particle tracking and isotope measurements) and Dec 15 (Reviewing the evidence: How do nature-based solutions affect water flows in agriculture and rangelands); and Barbara Bomfim Fernandes is giving a poster Dec 16 (Response and recovery of tropical forests after cyclone disturbance). Of course, you can view posters and recordings at your convenience. Congratulations to all for great contributions in these new formats.